About us: What is Bamboo 3G?

Bamboo 3G Pty Ltd is located in the quaint well serviced Sunshine Coast country town of Pomona Qld. Bamboo 3G is an Australian Company owned by John Henriksen and Lisa Clark. John is a former director of the first bamboo under garment company in Australia which commenced in 2006. His extensive knowledge on ‘all bamboo’ has culminated in this new range of ground breaking innovative bamboo charcoal products.

Both John and Lisa have worked in production and service industries for many years and our focus is to design and present the latest innovative ethically sourced bamboo and bamboo charcoal fibre products available for sale in a friendly profession manner.

Bamboo 3G is a wholesaling business and does not sell directly to retail customers.

About: Bamboo Charcoal

First used in China in the 15th Century

More sustainable than hardwood charcoal due to its rapid growth cycle that requires no pesticides or irrigation.

Purifies water and eliminates impurities

Like all charcoal, bamboo charcoal purifies water and eliminates organic impurities and smells. It is possible to treat chlorine-sterilized drinking water with bamboo charcoal to remove residual chlorine and chlorides.

Used in the original light bulb design

Because he and his team discovered the longevity of its use, Thomas Edison featured a carbonized bamboo filament in one of his original designs for the light bulb.

Made at around 700°C

Molecular Nano Bamboo Charcoal is made at around 700 degrees C.

A natural deodorizer

Bamboo Charcoal is a natural deodorizer and can absorb benzene, phenol, methanol, sulphides, nitrides etc

Regulates skin temperature

Bamboo Charcoal Fibre also can regulate skin temperature keeping your skin cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Increase growth rates in some animals

Some studies claim adding bamboo charcoal or bamboo vinegar to the diets of fish or poultry may increase their growth rates.

Far Infrared Rays

Bamboo Charcoal can release Far Infrared Rays that may promote blood circulation and increase negative ion production.

Many uses

In China and Japan, many people use bamboo charcoal as cooking fuel, as well as to dry tea. Most bamboo charcoal for fuel is bamboo briquette charcoal, and the rest is raw bamboo charcoal.

Bamboo vinegar

Bamboo vinegar (called pyro-ligneous acid) is extracted during production, and is useful for hundreds of treatments in most fields. It contains about 400 chemical compounds and has many applications, including in cosmetics, insecticides, deodorants, food processing, and agriculture.

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